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ABB presents a new generation of first-class specialized components: manual motor starters, contactors, overload relays and softstarters for motor starting solutions up to 18.5 kW / 20 hp

About Us 

BEMCO was established as a technical trading company specialized in importing and distributing the latest and most advanced electrical technologies and controls

Bemco offers a diverse range of high quality products dealing with huge brand names

Since its establishment, BEMCO has witnessed a compound growth rate, which is a direct result of its insightful and professional management team, its highly qualified engineering team, and its innovative marketing operation

We are Always Looking Forward to Offer Satisfaction to Our Clients by the Quality of Our Services,
Excellence guarantees the mark of quality on every product and services offered to the client by our company with Extensive Experience and a Proven Track Record in Successfully Implementing Projects in electrical Sector in Jordan and other countries.

At BEMCO, we believe that engineering is more than drawings and specifications; it involves a deeply felt responsibility toward our clients and a commitment to providing services that are designed to result in high levels of comfort, safety and energy efficiency for present and future building users.

Our dedicated staff is highly professional, well trained and experienced. The teamwork approach which is applied to each project provides our clients with the most efficient service possible.

What we do

BEMCO is partner of choice for some of the world's most reputable high-quality manufacturers of electrical products, for the MENA region. BEMCO has gained significant credibility among its customers in all sectors whether residential, commercial or industrial

We import and distribute a large range of quality electrical components including

  1. Low Voltage Switchgear Products :
    • Circuit Breakers
    • Contactors
    • Earth leakage Devices
    • Enclosures
    • Switches
    • Disconnect switche
  1. Control Products 
    • Contactors
    • Limit Switches
    • Motor Protections
    • Motor Starter
    • Switches
    • Power Supply
    • Sensors
    • Relays
  1. Automation  Products
    • Variable Frequency Drive
    • Soft Starters
    • Plc's
    • Instruments
    • Metering Devices
    • Transducers
  1. Hazardous Area Products
    • Complete Solution For Switch Gear Products
    • Lighting Fittings And Enclosures
  1. Power Factor Correction
    • Single/ 3phase Capacitor Banks ( Static / Automatic ) Regulations
  1. Domestic Products
    • House Hold Consumer Units
    • Wiring Accessories
    • Timers
    • Energy Meters
    • Metering Devices
    • Transducers

    Our Partners:




Our mission is to serve the market with the latest technologies related to electrical field and to guarantee professional Services in different sectors.

We are working on gaining electrical sector clients satisfaction through our efforts of providing them with the best made world wide products supported by our highly qualified team and technical services to become their credible, trustworthy Number One supplier of there choice.


BEMCO provides a complete range of electro technical solutions. Our systems are based ON industry-leading technology within electric power, drives and automation, and have for LONG TIME proven to meet the high demands of market needs. Bemco provides a range of different solutions.
Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Our expertise qualified engineers on drives and automation solutions are available upon your request.

That means we understand customer’s application needs and we appreciate the level of emergency depending on the case, places which need quick and professional response as hospitals, crowded stations, busy foundations.

Through our solutions we can make it an easy path that allows you to take advantage of new technology immediately — within your schedule

  We provide electrical solutions — and we depend on, engineering and manufacturing resources, to get quick response to maximize the production process and minimize the risk.


Our goal is to let you meet Your Production and Business Goals

Through our Automation Services & Support, you can define and implement a maintenance strategy with the right combination of predictive, preventive and reactive elements to achieve your goals.

We can provide complete services that extend equipment life, while enhancing its performance and compatibility