ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB is one of the largest engineering companies as well as one of the largest conglomerates in the world and the world's no. 1 in power technologies, provides utilities, industries and channel partners with access to a rich portfolio of technologies. ABB has in recent years gone over from large-scale solutions to alternative energy and the advanced products and technologies in power and automation that constitute its Industrial IT offering.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers ( MCCB'S )
Moulded-Case Circuit-Breakers (MCCB's)
The Moulded-Case Circuit-Breakers are used in industrial and civil low voltage plants with service currents from 1 to 1000 A. They are used in direct and alternating current distribution switchgear, for motor protection (Motor Control Center), generators, capacitors and for end users. 1,3,4 POLES
Trip Amp 16…1600
Short Cuircuit Current 16kA …200kA

The New Moulded-Case Circuit-Breakers (MCCB's) - FORMULA
The new Formula moulded-case circuit-breakers are used in industrial and civil low voltage plants with service currents from 1 to 630 A. They are used in direct and alternating current distribution switchgear, they have a fixed thermal & magnatic trip unit and comes in 1,2,3,4 POLES
Trip Amp 15…630
Short Cuircuit Current 10kA …50kA
Air Circuit Breakers ( ACB'S )
Air circuit breakers can be used both as circuit-breakers for general protection (of plants, of user complexes, of electric lines) and as protection circuit breakers of electrical machines (generators, motors, transformers, capacitors).
Trip Amp 800…6300
Short Cuircuit Current 42kA …150kA

X1 from Emax The performance of an air circuit-breaker with extremely compact dimensions. X1 by Emax is the best solution for all those applications where dimensions are an important and determining factor in selecting the circuit-breaker, but without necessarily having to give up high rated current, breaking capacity or short-time withstand current values.
Trip Amp 630…1600
Short Cuircuit Current 42kA …150kA
Miniature Circuit Breakers ( MCB'S )
MCB´s protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations. New System pro M compact S 200 series satisfies most common requirements in terms of MCB´s, allowing the usage of them for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.
SH200,S200,S280 & S290 RANGES
Amp Range 1---125A, 1,2,3 & 4 Poles
Short Cuircuit Current 3--25 KA
Residual Current Device
RCCBs FH200 and F200
RCCBs are only sensitive to current leakage to earth. They must be used in series with an MCB or fuse which protects them from the potentially damaging thermal and dynamic stresses of any overcurrents. RCCBs are suitable for installation in industrial and civil environments. It is used to prevent injures due to earth leakage, protection against the effects of inusoidal alternating earth fault currents ,direct & indirect contacts, The range of RCCBs blocks are available in A and AC types and in 2P and 4P versions with rated currents of 16 A Up to 100 A. Sensitivity equal to 30 mA guarantees protection against indirect contact and additional protection against direct contact.
FH200 & F200
Trip Amp 16...100A
sensitivity(A) 0,03…0,3MA

RCDs Block's
RCD blocks are residual current devices suitable for assembly with a standard MCB.
Protection againest the effects of sinusoidal alternating earth fault current. Protection againest direct & indirect contacts
Standard:ICE/EN 61009 Ann.G
Trip Amp 25…63
sensitivity(A) 0,03…0,3

Magnetothermic residual current devices with overcurrent protection
RCBOs combine in a single device the residual current function and the overcurrent protection function typical of MCBs.
RCBOs are tripped by both current leakage to earth and overloads and short-circuits and they are self-protecting up to a maximum short-circuit current value indicated on the label.
DS 971, 10 kA, Ac and A types, B-C characteristic
Standard IEC/EN 61009
DS 271
Trip Amp 25…63
sensitivity(A) 0,01…0,3
Block Contactors
"A" Range Contactors
Contactors are suitable for a large variety of applications in building and in industry such as motor control, heating and ventilating, air conditioning, pumping, lifting equipment, lighting, process power factor correction, etc, ... The range comprises 4 and 5.5 kW mini-contactors, block contactors up to 560 kW (AC3), installation contactors for domestics and industrial use, bar-mounted contactors, thermal and electronics overload relays, and a wide range of add-on accessories ensuring flexibility and adaptability
A.., AL.., AE.., AF… 3 Pole Contactors
A.., AL.., AE.., AK… 4 Pole Contactors
Trip Amp 25…1650
Short Cuircuit Current 16kA …200kA

NEW "AF" Range Contactors ( AC/DC )
AF09 ... AF38 contactors are used for controlling power circuits up to 690 V AC and 220 V DC. They are mainly used for controlling 3-phase motors, non-inductive or slightly inductive loads.
–– AF09 ... AF38 contactors include an electronic coil interface accepting a wide control voltage Uc min. ... Uc max.Only four coils cover control voltages between 24...500 V 50/60 Hz or 20...500 V DC
–– AF contactors can manage large control voltage variations. One coil (e.g. 100...250 V 50/60 Hz - DC) can be used for different control voltages used worldwide without any coil change.
–– AF contactors have built-in surge protection and do not require additional surge suppressors.

AF09…AF38 3 Pole Contactors
Trip Amp (AC-1) 25…50
Trip Amp (AC-3) 9 …38
Power Rating(AC-3) 4kW…18.5kW

Modular Devices / Command Devices Contactors
For loads to be automatically controlled through high number of operations i.e building automation , controlling of small pumps , ventilations , heating systems , lightning systems
ESB Contactors
Current Amp 20…63
Manual & Motorized changr-Over Switches
The OT change-over switch is available in both component and enclosed versions from 16A up to 31500A. In the event of a primary electrical circuit failure, the switch can be disconnected from the primary circuit and connected to the emergency back-up system, ensuring minimal disruption to power supply in the event of a power surge. The manually operated switch is operated via a handle fixed directly on the switch or on the panel door, while the motorized change-over switches have snap-on control wire connections.
OT Range
Trip Amp 16…3150A
Manual & Motorize 3&4 Poles

Switch Disconnectors
ABB Switch-disconnectors are suitable for diverse applications, in motor control centers, in switchboards and as main switches in various equipment and machines. From single to 8-poles front operated switches with pistol handle or direct mounted handle. For installation in enclosures, side operated switches, switches with wide phase distance and combination switches for change-over, bypass, reversing etc.
OT Range
Trip Amp 16…3150A
Manual & Motorize 3&4 Poles

Enclosed Safety Switches
Safety switches are designed to be mounted near a motor, or machine, to isolate it from the main circuit. They are manually operated switches, padlockable in the OFF-position, with reliable position indication, and designed to prevent accidental starting of electrical machinery e.g. during maintenance or repair situations. The safety switches are delivered with an auxiliary contact which can be used for electrical interlocking by connecting the safety switch to a contactor or other device controlling the motor.
OTP..BW..KSE Ranges
Amp Range 16…1250
2,3,4 & 6 Pols
Up To IP65

Cam Switches
ABB’s new OM, ON and OL rotary cam switches offer a complete range of cam switches for control, instrumentation and motor starting applications, maximizing the benefits and optimizing your use of assets. The standard cam switches provide you with a variety of functionalities for the most common mounting types and applications with minimum footprint area.
Rotary / Enclosed Cam Switches
Rated Current In 16…3150A
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 Poles
Industrial Plugs & Sockets
Industrial Plugs & Sockets ( New ) Ranges
ABB has been producing an extensive range of Industrial Plugs & Sockets and related special device for all applications.
The range consists of both IP44 and IP67 devices from 16 A up to 125 A, from simple plug to flexible customer designed combination units. The products follow an ergonomic and robust design, are quick to install and are long lasting. The range covers all clock positions in use.
Safe & Tough Range
Amp Range 16…125A
IP44 & IP 67
Soft Starters
Soft Starters
Soft Starters supplied by ABB are used primarily in pumps, fans, blowers, mixers, conveyors and centrifuges. These are easy to use, install with flexible communication, programmable relays and advanced motor protection. Moreover these help in minimizing the impact of motor starting on electrical network rendering longevity to its mechanical components.
Rated KW 1.5…560 KW
Normal & Heavy Duty
Frequency Drives
Frequency Drives
AC drives are used to control the speed and torque of a standard induction motor, the workhorse of the industry.
AC drive technology extends the motor speed range from zero to high above the rated speed, increasing the productivity of the driven process. When a low capacity is enough, the drive reduces the machine speed and saves energy.
ACS50,ACS150,ACS350,ACS355,ACS550, ACS800,ACS850 & ACS6000
Rated KW 1.5…5600KW
UP to IP 54
General Performance Motors
ABB is one of only a handful of leading motor manufacturers in Europe, to have a motor rang to meet or exceed the minimum efficiencies stated in the highest level of the EU agreement of LV motors.
ABB’s General performance motors are best suited for applications where simplicity and off-the-shelf availability are paramount. With ABB quality and support these motors have the features appreciated by volume. Motor range for aluminum motors is 56 to 250, 0.06 to 55 kW and cast iron motors 71 to 250, 0.25 to 55 kW.
M2QA Series
Rated KW 0.25…315KW
2 & 4 poles--- IP 54
Mini Centers / consumer Units
Mini Center distribution boards, a design aimed for safety, reliability and availability in the electrical building installation. It is Available in busbar and multi row types.
Flush mounting only, (surface on request). Supplied without incoming device or outgoing protection device.
Bussbar Up to 250A

Power Pack - Multi Purpose Enclosures
Power Pack is a Multi Purpose Enclosures with a range of empty enclosures
and enclosures with components mounted: load break switches, changeover switches, and switch fuses. Empty enclosures are supplied with a blank
component mounting plate (Aluzinc 1.5 mm)
EP Range
Max. Load up to 800A
IP 54 --- 8 Sizes

Mirag Range - MCCB Panel Boards
The Mirage type tested MCCB panel boards have been designed for easy handling and quick, simple installation for the electrical contractor. Compact MCCB design ensures maximum cabling area within the enclosures. Removable top & bottom gland plates are provided for ease of installation and cabling. The removal of these also allows for fitting of additional items such as top and bottom extension boxes, plinths and metering panels.
Complete Boards or Pan Assembly
Amp Range 200…800
IP20, 42 & 54

IS2 / ArTU - Type Tested Enclosures
The ABB range of metal structures for automation was conceived and designed based on many years’ experience of working alongside the major switchboard and machine manufacturers in Italy and on the most highly industrialised and technological world markets. The enclosure for automation are, of course, integrated with the various ABB control and operating apparatus, and all the electrical and mechanical values (dissipation, short-time withstand currents, insulation distances, etc.)
Amp Range up to 4000A
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