COMAR CONDENSATORI S.p.A. was established in 1968, for over 30 years it produces electrical capacitors. The production began with the “oil-paper” dielectric capacitors and it went on with the current “metallized polypropylene” capacitors. The capacitors manufactured by COMAR CONDENSATORI S.p.A. are made with self-healing metallized polyproylene film dielectric. The construction of those capacitors is achieved thanks to the use of advanced machines which ensure high quality performance products.

Power Factor Correction Equipments
Automatic P.F equipments suitable for networks with very low harmonics distortion of current ( THDI 10%) complies with 73/23 CEE ( 93/68 CEE) standards Active harmonic conditioner
Rated Voltage 415Vac for 15HZ - 380Vac and 480Vac for 60 Hz ( other on request up to 660Vac )
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Insulation voltage 690V
Rtaed power Max. Temperature range Referred to rated frequency and voltage
Protection degree IP 31 (IP 40 and IP 54 ON request ) indoor IP 00 (IP 20 ON request )
Modular Racks
These modular racks have conveniently designed for their installation inside boards and are equipped with bars for series connection. The bars are dimensioned for a maximum power of 250kvar 400vac 50Hz. The racks must be fitted on guides, which are spaced at 260mm. and are made of galvanized sheet-steel. They comprise the capacitors, the blocking reactor, the contactor, the fuses, and the terminal board for the connection of the auxiliary 230Vac circuits. Adequate ventilation should be provided.
Rated voltage: 400Vac
Rated frequency: 50Hz

COMAR Capacitors
Motor Capacitors
MK 450 Vac series : MK series is developed to heavy duty conditions MKA 450 Vac series: The MKA capacitors are sutable for the standard motor applications
Rated Voltage: 450Vac
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

Lighting Capacitors
The Capacitor for lighting application , offer the ideal solution to compensate flurescent and discharde lamps all flurescent and discharge lamps need a reactor to switch and keep on the electric arc MFE 250 Vac series : Rated Voltage: 250Vac MFE 440Vac series:Rated Voltage: 440Vac / MFA 440Vac series:Rated Voltage: 250Vac
Rated Voltage: 250Vac
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
Automatic Reactive Regulaters
They are designed to measure the reactive power of on P.F equipments ,they are simple to commission , free from hunting and operate in a linear switching logic , the case is consists of insulating self- extinguishing materials with aluminum front panel
Rated supply voltage: 230Vac - 400Vac
Meter Of Harmonics Distortion
Meter Of Harmonics Distortion : is designed to detect , control and protect networks exposed to harmonics overcurrents , MHD checks the current harmonics through external C.T and it is activated when the critical value is reached , determining the contemporary communication of the tworelays . 1P / 3P
Rated supply voltage:85 - 265Vac