ZAMEL Unlimited Company Mechanics and Electronic Plant began its activity in 1989, from the production of single, simple electronic bell. ZAMEL currently is a leading manufacturer of bells and gongs in Europe.
Within the SUNDI commercial branch we offer almost 50 various types of house bells, from the simplest models, through pipe gongs, wireless bells, and bells with sound recording function and bells with additional functions (with flash light, vibration, with the possibility to turn off the sound, etc.).

Timer Relays

one mode time relays ( PCM-01 , PCM-02, PCM-03) AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL TIME relay (PCM-04 , PCM-10) are destinated to realize the time functions in automation and control function features :
switch on/off delay cycle switching
Digital School Bell Controller
its designed to control acoustic signalling at schools using school bells control is carreid out automatically according to the adjusted program

-Staircase Lighting Time Delay Switches
they are used to control lighting devices on staircase and corridors after relesing the system it switches on the lighting for the preset time by the user

-Digital Programmable Time Relay
they are used in realization time function in automation and control circuits weekly timers controls the relay output depending the program adjust ( day . Hour )

they are used to supply electronic systems where it is required to lower voltage value to the appropriate level , secondary voltage : 8 volts ,12V , 24V

Voltage Relay

is used to control the voltage value 1-phase net in order to secure the output from voltage increase and decrease below the preset min and max value , the system is equipped with switching off time regulation , the system detects the soft net effect switching of the output ( load) for 10 min

Twilight Switches
devices switches are used to control lighting devices and other energy receivers depending on luminous flux density
Chimes and Bells

Sundi chimes and bells constitute a large choice of patterns, shapes, and colours with a simultaneous variety of sounds – which allows everyone to find something that suits them. The renowned quality and the freedom of choice of installations (wired and wireless) guarantee multipurpose applications, comfort and security which are essential for every household member.

Wired Chimes and Bells
ElecrtomeChanical Chimes
Two-tone Chime BIM-BAM Two-tone Chime TURBO LARGO Chime
Two-tone Chime FORTE Two-tone Chime GLASSO
Electronic Chimes
One-tone Chime TRES Chime Three-tone Chime
ElectromeChaniCal Bells
School-alarm Bell
Three-tone Chime WESTMINSTER Chime
Pipe Chimes
Pipe Chime ETUDE
Pipe Chime Pipe Chime TANDEM
Pipe Chime TIC-TAC MAX Pipe Chime TIC-TAC

Wireless Chimes
Wireless Battery-Operated Chimes
Wireless battery-operated chime LOOPO
Wireless battery-Operated chime Corno Wireless battery-operated chime MOLIK
Wireless Plug-in Chimes
Wireless Chime FOXTROT
Wireless Chime BULIK SMYK - WIRELESS Bell controller with hermetic bell push
Wireless Bell Pushes and Accessories
Wireless reception bell push
Hermetic wireless bell push Hermetic wireless bell push