SCHOOL BELL CONTROLLER 230V,16A-ZAMEL The Electronic School Janitor is a school bell control unit, ready to work, using the SDM-10 device. The set is designed for modernization or preparing a new bell system. The EW-01 includes a switch disconnector, bell controller, relays connected in parallel, special purpose buttons for switching into the short lessons mode and an alarm button with an acoustic signaling. The SDM-10 controller is the main control part of the system. The controller is designed for school acoustic signaling control by means of bells (e.g.: DNT-212, DNS-212, DNT-212M, DNS-212M of ZAMEL). The system control runs in an automatic mode according to the preset algorithm. The program preparing is being held by means of entering lesson and break times, and beginning time. The system is ready to implement some specials functions (alarm bells, short lessons) by means of programmable control inputs. NOTE: The system controls 230 V AC bells. It is possible to use 8 and 24 V AC bells with the TRM-8 or TRM-24 doorbell transformers of extra series.
  • Brand: ZAMEL
  • Product Code: SDM-10
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Origin: POLAND
  • MPN: SDM-10