About Us

BEMCO was established as a technical trading company specialized in importing and distributing the latest and most advanced electrical technologies and controls.

BEMCO offers a diverse range of high quality products dealing with huge brand names since its establishment; BEMCO has witnessed a compound growth rate, which is a direct result of its insightful and professional management team, its highly qualified engineering team, and its innovative marketing operation.

We are Always Looking Forward to Offer Satisfaction to Our Clients by the Quality of Our Services, Excellence guarantees the mark of quality on every product and services offered to the client by our company with Extensive Experience and a Proven Track Record in Successfully Implementing Projects in electrical Sector in Jordan and other countries.

At BEMCO, we believe that engineering is more than drawings and specifications; it involves a deeply felt responsibility toward our clients and a commitment to providing services that are designed to result in high levels of comfort, safety and energy efficiency for present and future building users.

Our dedicated staff is highly professional, well trained and experienced. The teamwork approach which is applied to each project provides our clients with the most efficient service possible.